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What makes Yiwu so attractive to foreigners

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When you get in an elevator in any building, you may easily find yourself among people of different colors.However, you are not in Manhattan not in Pairs:you are at Yiwu,A small city that may hardly be found on a map of the world and yet attracts foreign traders from over one hundred countries.
According to information from the Entry and Exit Administration of Yiwu Security Bureau, there have been over 200,000 foreigners recorded to have visited Yiwu since January 2007.

Statitics also show that in recent years, the number of foreigners at Yiwu increases by 20% every year, which is next only to Hangzhou and Ningbo and ranks third in Zhejiang Province.Yiwu is now true to the name as an internationalized city.In a room on the 22nd floor of Futian Mansion next to Yiwu International trade City,Lamy, a Jordan trader, looked at the people at the people bustling and hustling in the street and said to the reporter proudly:"We came to Yiwu because we were attracted by the market here, and have been witnessing its further development ever since."

Lamy came to Yiwu in summer 2002 and has been running a foreign trade company for scarves and toiletries."My office was at Chouzhou bei Road at the very beginning, and then it was moved to Shidai Building and now here. Thanks to the development of Yiwu market, my business is growing and my office is bettering."Lamy was so satified with the business conditions in Yiwu."And both hospitals and banks here offer good service", he continued,holding up his thumb in praise. After his first year in Yiwu,Lamy fell in love with a local girl and soon got married.Now they have a baby of two-year old.Lamy i only an example of many foreign fortune hunters in Yiwu.

Huang Jiafeng,Director of Division of Exit & Entry Administration of Yiwu Public Security Bureau said that foreign traders in Yiwu mainly came from Korea, India,pakistan,Japan,Afghanisan and Algeria.Some of them are representatives of their agencies in Yiwu, and others purchase commodiies for trading.


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