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Yiwu is the largest commodity city in the planet,famous for commodity city and huge products range in the market.The whole yiwu city like a supper market, the booth not only inside markets,but also spread out the streets.

There are total 320,000 kinds of commodities in over 1,502 categories of 34 industries spreat out in 4 main markets, and ship to over 200 countries and regions.

The boothes is around 40,000 in these 4 main markets, don't including the boothes spread out some street in yiwu.

Currently Yiwu market consist of 4 main markets, Yiwu huanyuan market,Yiwu socks market (Knitting market),Yiwu binwang market,Yiwu international trade market(Yiwu futian market).

Yiwu Huanyuan market
Fashion scarf,Fashion belts,Daily use items,Footwear,Trimming,Lace,Caps,hats,Glove
Yiwu Socks market ( Knitting market )
Socks ,stocking,Toe socks,Leg warmers,Tights,it is all about hosiery products.
Yiwu Binwang market
Necktie,Men's Dress shirt,Towels,trimming and lace (food stuff,garments in this market is most for domestic sale)
Yiwu International trade city market ( Yiwu Futian market )
This market consist of 4 main buildings,the 4th building will be completed in Oct.,2008. all the above boothes in Huanyuan market and Socks market will move to this market after October,2008.
1st building ( consisit of District A,B,C,D,E with 4 floors )
Artificial flower,Toys,Fashion jewelry,Hair accessories,Jewelry fittings,Arts and crafts,Photo frame,Crystal items,Holiday items.
2nd building ( consisit of District E,F with 4 floors )
Ladies bags,Wallets,Hardware,Kitchenware,Locks,Scooters,Bikes,ATV,Watches,Clocks,Mobile acessories,Home appliance.
3st building ( district H )
Cosmetic,Stationery,Sports items,Fitness equipments,Garments accessories,Zipper,buttoms,gifts packing materials.
4th building is under construction, will be completed in Oct.,2008.
As we said before, also there are a lot of shops along the street, there are some stree famous for one products and become a street market, we call it "professional street", here is some famous professional street in Yiwu:
Scarf professional street, it is all about scarf,shawl, it is outside of Huanyuan market, along Huangshan street,Wutai street.
Belts professonal stree, it is all about belts,men's belts,woment's belts, it is outside of Huanyuan market, along Chouzhou middle Road.
Picture frame,photo frame professional street, it is near International trade market
China Railway High Speed train ( CRH)
Now there is two shifts per day CRH to Shanghai and Hangzhou, it only take 40 mins to Hangzhou, 2hrs to Shanghai.
Yiwu to Shanghai:
Train #: D686 10:00 AM 12:13 PM
Train #: D92 11:50 AM 13:08 PM
Shanghai to Yiwu:
Train #: D685 07:25 AM 9:40 AM
Train #: D665 13:12 PM 15:25 PM

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